Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shaylee's 15th Birthday today! She can make the same face that my mom would make and also I can make that face. We had a fun day today she got her eyes tested along with sister Jaycee. Then out to dinner for her birthday dinner. It was a fun day

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Melinda update

Melinda stayed in our basement for 6 days after her radiation treatment. We could not be near her much and that was hard to do. I am glad she was able to stay in our basement and not be around her kids.

Melinda has been a trooper. I think she has kept up her spirits and been very positive about everything. with that said, I also do believe that it has been very hard on her. Her hormones are out of control, and she gets so very tired. she is learning patience as we all are.

We would love to see everything back to normal and it will be soon. Melinda has great friends, and neighbors. But most of all she has a great husband who takes care of her, loves her and is helping as much as he can along with holding down the full time job, church responsibilities, and taking care of the kids.

We are waiting to hear back from the full body scan that she just had to see if all the cancer cells have been destroyed. in the meantime we are hoping they will be able to get her body to regulate the medicine and feel as though she has a working thyroid.

It will happen we are all sending love to our cute little Melinda. We love you.

SURPRISE Saturday!!!

I look like a glowing Alien, actually it was the scenery that we were trying to get I just had to sneek in.

We decided that since i do not have to go into work every Saturday anymore that Dougand i would take turns do something that is a surprise on Saturdays. I want it to be a Physical activity. Today we decided to go to Mueller Park it was so much fun! we started a little before 8am!!
Our son and his dog, just got to our house on Friday early morning, I was actually able to hug him for the first time in over a year. Yes it felt good to hold him. It is a funny thing that no matter how old they get you still remember the times they needed you so much, the times you held them, kissed the hurts away and just enjoyed the moments. Ahh the memories!! To all the moms out there with sons...enjoy the moments, they slip by really fast and before you know it you are looking at a full grown man.
We decided to go down stairs wake him up at 7am which I am sure he really loved!! He woke up agreed to go and we were on our way.
Can't wait to see what next "Surprise Saturday" will be.

Happy Halloween

I really like Halloween....it is so much fun to dress up and be someone else for a little while. All the grankids came over to our house, except for Shaylee (we missed her a lot) and Jaycee brought 2 of her friends with her. It started raining almost when they got done going around to everyones houses.
I actually had to pick up a person that was flying into Utah for my work...ugh!! I was a little frustrated as i was not able to go around with the kids, by the time i got to the house they were tired and ready to go home. At least I got to hug them all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Every Day is a new Day!!

It has been a whirl wind for this past couple of weeks. Melinda seems to be doing okay, this is going to be a journey. I only hope that I can give her encouragement and bring out the positive in this situatuion she is faced with.

The calcium in her blood seems to be having a hard time producing the amount it should. She is about 3 weeks away from getting her radiation treatment. where she will not be able to be around anyone for 5 days...with that being said, I am hoping this can turn into a spiritual experience for her. To be alone with only yourself. Finding out who you are, asking questions about where you are headed? What makes you happy? What are your goals? Are the friends you have right now helping you to get where you want to go?

We all have the p0wer to be and become whom ever it is we choose to be. The possibilities are limitless. All we can be sure of is right now. We can write out exactly what we think tomorrow will be like, what people will wear, what they will say to us, what sounds we will hear....and on and on. Just see if it plays out exactly like that.

We only have our moments NOW how we choose to use them is up to us. Melinda is a fitghter and I am so thankful that she has been allowing others to help her in this time of need. It is hard to be the one receiving but she has some really great friends who are taking time out of their busy schedules to prepare Freezer meals for her and her family, and neighbors who are taking the children during the day while travis is at work.

Jaycee our 11 yr.old grandaughter stayed at Melindas house last evening so she could be with her all day today and watch the kids. She is and has been such a blessing to Melindas life and very helpful to her. She is much older and wiser for her years than she looks. She is amazing with the kids. I am sure she has watched her mother give so much love to those she comes in contact with....it is a pay forward kind of thing!

Angelee and I work and are doing what we can to help when we can be there. I am thankful for those neighbors, and friends who are also helping in ways which we can not.

We truly have angels among us.

Alex Boye' Who is that?

Alex Boyé

Who is he? He was born and raised in London, England. We were able to go and see him do a fireside with our cute Shaylee a couple weeks ago.

It was amazing. He has such a passion for what he does. His music touches you. You can feel through his voice the passion he has for bringing out the good and positive in others. He loves the youth and shares his testimoy with everyone he meets. Go check him out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Girls